Do expensive amplifiers sound better?

Often people think that the more expensive the device, the better it copes with its responsibilities.

Is this true?  Let’s investigate.

The power of the amplifier

The declared power of an amplifier is measured in an ideal and not real condition. In practice, connect the amp to an 8 Ohms resistor and see the power supplied.

The trouble with this method lies in the fact that the speakers are all resistors. They are in the vast majority of cases rather complex loads on which our amplifier is by no means said that it can supply the declared power.

What really matters, therefore, is not the declared continuous power but rather the capacity of the amplifier to pilot complex loads like our speakers. You will not find this ability expressed with a number, because it is the sum of numerous aspects, but you can deduce it from the behavior of the amp in normal conditions of use, that is, listening.Do expensive amplifiers sound better?2

Home HiFi

There is an opinion that good audio components can only be found in the professional segment.

Let’s understand it once and for all: in a professional environment, the amplifier is aimed to work for a long time in disastrous conditions, it must be robust, powerful and cheap.

The HiFi amplifier was born to reproduce the Music in the most correct way possible, with grace and naturalness and with all the qualities that make a beautiful sound distinguishable from a deafening noise.


Since the amplifier is not the weakest ring, sonically speaking, of a HiFi system, there is no need to dedicate a large part of the entire budget to it.

You can easily move towards well-known equipment manufacturers (Pioneer, Technics, etc) with the certainty of paying a price proportionate to the quality of the object. These devices even if it is the best integrated amplifier under $1000, do what they can but are not equipped for miracles. They work well, they are easy and comfortable to use.

If your budget allows you to spend more the chances of buying a really well-sounding device increase a lot.

So how to choose? We must listen. It is by no means said that by purchasing an amplifier, no matter how well known, you make a good purchase.Do expensive amplifiers sound better?3


The number of inputs indicates how many devices you can connect to your amplifier and unless you want to build a small recording studio at home, the inputs really useful for our purposes are the following: CD, Radio, Recorder, Turntable, Auxiliary (aux).

No need to overpay for what you will not use; it will not affect the sound in any way.